Case Studies

Customer Overview:

A leading national Real Estate Investment Trust engaged Data Management Services to conduct an assessment of their Data and Telecom Services. The new CIO inherited a mix of technology and service providers. The first step was to collect invoices from the assortment of providers for voice, data, wireless, internet and communication equipment. The project included several locations across the United States. The initial assessment uncovered many discrepancies and led to our proposal and acceptance by the client to perform a complete audit.

Key Challenges & Objectives:

Challenges included extensive information collection efforts and achieving buy-in from multiple company stakeholders. Current vendors were not always cooperative and forthcoming with information. Based on performance issues with the current Telecom service provider, a potential technology upgrade was to be discussed in the scope of the project. This included a new Unified cloud-based communications system throughout the organization.  Project objectives included identifying areas the client had been over-billed, achieving cost savings and more favorable terms and conditions.

Data Management Services Solution:

Process: Data Management Services implemented a five-phase process with the end goal of achieving reimbursement credits from the customers current telecom provider, identifying cost savings for the customer, and the implementation of a new Unified cloud-based communication solution.

Phase One: The Data Management team analyzed the client’s current telecom contracts and bills. Using their expertise in this field they were able to identify many areas where billing was inconsistent and not in compliance with the terms of the contract causing the client to be over charged.

Phase Two: Using the information collected in phase one, Data Management Service reached out on behalf of the client to their telecom provider in order to negotiate credits due to the inconsistencies in what was promised in the contract vs. what was reflected in the bill. After persistent negotiating, DMS was able to win $72,000 worth of credits for the client, while also getting them out of their contract.

Phase Three: DMS developed a comprehensive plan in which 5 qualified vendors were selected to submit a detailed proposal based on the customer’s business requirements, services, and implementation process. Analysis included an evaluation of technical requirements and commercial terms to ensure suppliers were able to meet the customer’s needs.

Phase Four: The top three vendors were asked to demo their cloud-based communication solutions and present a quote for the services.

Phase Five: Data Management Services worked with the client to identify the best solution based on their expertise with the presented technology as well as the customers desired IT spend.


The client was able to reduce their IT cost by 40% by moving to from their traditional set up to a Unified solution.  This solution allows the client to take an omnichannel approach to their company wide communications, while also leveraging the ability for their employees to more comfortably work remotely. The $72,000 awarded in credits were used to help fund the new solution which ultimately led to more cost savings and improved employee morale.

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